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2011 Prize Calendar

Ramp 44 is located at the fish cleaning tables next to Cape Point Campground entrance and has been a source of contention for several years. This ramp has been closed for an extended length of time due persistent flooding caused by ocean overwash, extensive rainfall, lack of flood control and maintenance. The National Park Service's (NPS) remedies for these problems have been unsuccessful. NPS's latest attempt to solve the flooding problem at Ramp 44 failed miserably when they elevated the sand base by covering it with a CAMA approved clay and shell material. When wet, this substance becomes very slippery which causes vehicles to either get stuck or slide into the drainage ditches.

Superintendent Mike Murray addressed the ramp problems during a park update forum on February 13, 2010 at a Cape Hatteras Anglers Club meeting and accepted responsibility for the situation at Ramp 44. He explained that the park was required to adhere to environmental requirements even though the maintenance division knew it wouldn't work.

This situation at Ramp 44 continues to be a health issue as well as an access dilemma, and the OBPA has been in contact with the National Park Service on this matter consistently. Furthermore, the OBPA has pressured the NPS about flood control which has been non-existent since Hurricane Emily in 1993.

Enough is enough. The OBPA cannot solve this problem alone and we are asking you for your help. Please contact the NPS at 252-473-2111 ext. 148 and voice your concern regarding this matter. There is power in numbers and we need all of you to tell the NPS to fix this problem now.

Outer Banks Preservation Association President John Couch, presents a check to Sea Turtle volunteer Karen Pinion of the Network for Endangered Sea Turtles (N.E.S.T.).

This contribution by OBPA will help N.E.S.T. in their efforts to rescue and rehabilitate stranded sea turtles and return them to their ocean home. OBPA is proud to be a contributor to this challenge.

The recent cold weather conditions have cause an overload of stunned loggerhead turtles and other sea turtles to be rescued by volunteers along the Pamlico Sound shores and the ocean beaches requiring extra handling at the acquarium in Manteo to see that they recover from this stunned condition and placed back in the gulf stream where the water is much warmer. Requests for financial help went out over the radio and in local newspapers and OBPA gave support to these rescues to N.E.S.T.

SUCCESS!!! 4:39 PM  - 50 miles / 12 hours 30 minutes

and after all of that, Bob is still able to smile.

Bob was truly an inspiration today.  When he "hit" the wall, he took some deep breaths, drank some fluids, and said "let's go".

Additional pledges have been made over the past few days as more have found out about the challenge.  We'll update the site later tonight or in the morning with an estimate of the total raised for the OBPA and the Hatteras Island Cancer Society.


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Run Challenge


Bob Spangler

Bob Spangler has been an avid runner for over 12 years.  If you've driven down highway 12 at 6 o'clock in the morning, you've likely seen Bob making his way between Avon and Buxton.  A native West Virginian, Bob decided to "retire" to Hatteras seven years ago, after visiting the island for over 20 years.  "Retire" to Bob is teaching chemistry and coaching the cross country team at Cape Hatteras Secondary School. 

Actually, Bob's first retirement was from the U.S. Army.  Bob was an Infantry Captain with combat experience in the Vietnam war.  After the military, Bob put his undergraduate degrees in Forestry and Science Education and masters degree in Environmental Science to good use as a teacher for over twenty years at the public school and college levels.

This past winter, Bob's love of running was interrupted by rotator cuff surgery.  He was counting the days until the doctor gave him a green light to resume his passion.  Over the past 12 years, Bob has run numerous races in the 5 kilometer to 15 mile range.  He's completed four marathons, and 1 50 mile run.

By the way, Bob will turn 60 in October.