Ramp by Ramp open access for ORV traffic (Updated 7-15-2010)

This includes seasonal Summer Village Closures not on the NPS Report

(Bodie Island Total-3.2 miles open) 

Ramp 2 -   (Seasonal Closure)                                               CLOSED

Ramp 2 (Coquina Bch Area)                                                  CLOSED

Ramp 4      North                                                         2.4 miles open   

Ramp 4 – South Oregon Inlet (Bodie Island Spit)              0.8 miles open

(Hatteras Total – 16.41 miles open

Rodanthe-Waves – Salvo Villages to Ramp 23                  CLOSED

Ramp 23                                                                    CLOSED

Ramp 27 North                                                           2.6 miles open   

Ramp 27 South                                                           0.01 Miles open

Ramp 30 North                                                           0.9 miles open   

Ramp 30 South to Ramp 34                                          4.3 miles open

Ramp34 South                                                            0.4 miles open

Ramp 38 North                                                           0.1 miles open

Ramp 38 South                                                           1.0 miles open

Ramp 43 North                                                           0.4 miles open

Ramp 43-South                                                           0.2 miles open

Ramp 44-East                                                             0.1 miles open   

(Pedestrian corridor open to Cape Point and 0.1 mile south of Cape Point)

Ramp 45                                                                    CLOSED

Ramp 49 East                                                             2.0 miles open

Ramp 49 West to Frisco Village Line                               1.2 miles open

Ramp 55 East                                                             0.1 miles open

Ramp 55 West                    beach shoreline                   2.6 miles open

ORV and pedestrian access is open along the ocean shoreline from Ramp 55 south/west to Hatteras Inlet and the “Rip.”  The Pole Road is open to ORV and pedestrians from Ramp 55 south to the Spur Road.  Cable Crossing area is open (with limited parking).  The Spur Road is open.  The pre-nesting areas at the overwash fans and the inlet have been removed. 


Ramp 55 Interdunal (Pole) Road with small sound-side access behind Coast Guard Base
                      Ocracoke Total – 4.7 miles open

Ramp 59                                                                    CLOSED

Ramp 67 North                                                           0.5 miles open

Ramp 67 South                                                           0.6 miles open

Ramp 68 North                                                           0.0 miles open

Ramp 68 South                                                           0.6 miles open   

Ramp 70 North                                                           0.4 miles open

Ramp 70 - Ramp 72                                                     1.8 miles open

Ramp 72 South                                                           0.7 miles open

These are rough numbers only.  Some of these miles are too narrow to drive safely.